Discover a Småland that inspires

Småland Resorts consists of hotels and conference facilities, all beautifully situated in Småland's nature. We offer your conference the best of Småland in the form of gastronomy, hospitality and nature experiences. Our facilities are different, each with its own personality. On the other hand, we share a philosophy and an idea of ​​what is required for a conference that moves companies and employees forward. We are specialists in meetings and offer environments that make an impression.


Our philosophy



Food is much more than just energy. Good food is health. We focus on the healthy, natural and organic. Pure ingredients, in just the right amount and the right mixture to land on an evenly comfortable balance throughout the day, without the blood sugar bouncing up and down. Here you get to taste performance – both physically and mentally.



Body and soul have a rare ability to renew themselves when we sleep. At the same time, our society has been driven to challenge, restrict and push our sleeping habits to a minimum. As a conference guest with us, you will experience a maximum of existence at night and a halt during the day. In this way, the conference becomes the investment it should be.



The body is created for movement. Conferences often seem to be the opposite. We know that physical activity is a prerequisite for performance around the conference table, so expect to take the turns, oxygenate the blood and challenge the body in exactly the amount you want and can. The nature around our facilities provides the perfect conditions.



Everything is connected. Pulling nature deep into the lungs gives results for both body and bud. A conference at one of our facilities provides space to land and take off together, a feeling that remains long after everyday life has returned. We do everything possible, with facilities in the middle of Småland, in the middle of nature.