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Conference boost with sharpened senses

The body unleashes unforeseen intrinsic resources to your spirit if only you provide it with the right circumstances. Our conference philosophy prescribes that you eat and sleep right and move about – inside or outside in nature. We give every single chromosome in the body the right boost so that you perform at your best during the conference. And bring home with you the seeds for life-long health. Choose among our various conference packages. Or we will tailor a solution for you – get in touch to find out more.


Food is much more than just energy. Good food is health. We focus on what is wholesome, natural and organic. Pure ingredients in the right amounts in the right combination to arrive at a nice, even balance throughout the entire day, avoiding up and down spikes in blood sugar. You can experience peak performance here – both physically and mentally.


Sleep is the mother of everything. And our body and spirit have a singular ability to renew themselves when we sleep. At the same time, our society has driven us to challenge, restrict and reduce our sleeping habits to a minimum. As a conference guest, you will experience maximal nighttimes and full speed ahead during the day. In this way the conference becomes just the right investment.


The body is made for movement. Conferences often are just the opposite. But at our resorts you can count on going full bore, oxygenating your blood exactly to the degree you wish and can tolerate. Physical activity is a prerequisite for top mental performance around the conference table. But on the other hand, who says that you have to sit inside for a successful conference. We make everything possible possible, with nine different facilities in the heart of Småland, in the heart of nature.

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