Småland inspires.

Småland Resorts consists of five resorts, situated by lakes in locations of great natural beauty. The best of Småland is offered here in the form of gastronomy, hospitality and nature experiences. All are wholly unique and have their own personalities; at the same time, we are specialists in meetings and offer professional settings suitable for conferences.
 When you stay with us, you can expect that little extra something!

At Småland Resorts gastronomy is an important part of your stay. You can try Småland specialities that have emerged from traditions that span generations or taste newly created gourmet compositions by highly respected chefs. What Småland cuisine has is common is inspiration from nature, and the ingredients often come directly from some of the many thousands of lakes, dense forests and working farms to be found in the surrounding countryside.

Småland engenders inspiration. Many well-known products originated here, enterprises have emerged and renowned people like Astrid Lindgren, John Bauer, Wilhelm Moberg and Carl von Linné have found ideas for their creations in Småland.

Why sit in a conference room and try to be inspired? At Småland Resorts we both live and work in our Småland nature. Being outdoors creates movement, and when the body is set in motion, thoughts also are set in motion. We ought to live more like Pippi Longstocking in our daily life. Transcend boundaries, become a seeker of things and pathfinder. Simply to work where you work best.

We make use of nature and work outdoors as much as indoors. Creative thoughts and new ideas are summoned forth with the help of oak park, gazebo, oaks, forest, view, hiking and cycling. Imagine your executive group trying to position a net and clean perch together. What a team, what an activity and what discussions!